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Fireside Chats: Advanced Topic Webinars in Implementation Science

Content on this page is provided for reference purposes only. It is no longer maintained and may now be outdated.

For those of you who have joined us on previous Advanced Topics webinars, which can be found archived here on R2R, we've often focused on specific emergent or promising areas in implementation science for experts to provide up to date information on resources, theories, and methods.

We realized that while we were affording the opportunity for presenters to share advances in the field, we were not taking as much time to reflect on the field as a while.  We developed the “Fireside Chat” series as an interactive, informal stroll through where we've been as a field and where we are going. In late 2016, I invited Drs. Jon Kerner and Russell Glasgow to kick-off this series as they performed similar roles while each spend years at the NCI. It was a pleasure to be able to sit with them at our virtual fire and talk about how the field developed through their various tenures here at the NCI and into the future.

Since that first Fireside Chat, we’ve held informal discussions with leaders in the field of implementation science.  These discussions, without the use of slides, have focused on development of implementation science programs at government institutions, priority research areas in the field, opportunities for new or junior investigators, the use of technology in implementation science, and revisiting seminal works in the field.

The goal of these sessions has been to answer a few questions posed for the speakers and then to open to audience engagement. We’ve been thrilled with the response from those who have attended and would invite you to join a future session. Below we will be posting all the forthcoming webinars as this series continues to develop and we’d welcome your feedback as a discussion post below.


For those that missed the

For those that missed the live session.  Here is the archive.  We hope you will view and then engage in the discussion and share your thoughts/comments here on R2R.


For those that missed the live session, here is the archive:

We hope you will view and then engage in the discussion and share your thoughts/comments here on R2R.