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Let's continue the discussion: “What New Investigators Need to Know about Dissemination and Implementation Research

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We were so delighted today to welcome Dr Alice Ammerman to the Advanced Topics in Implementation Science webinar series.

Over the past several webinars, we have highlighted a number of topics that speak to the breadth of the implementation science field.  One unifying question emerged from these presentations – the question of how to get these interventions funded.  Drawing from the wisdom of Mrs Frizzle and contexual factors impacting the Tarheel's post-season chances, Alice provided her perspective on “What New Investigators Need to Know about Dissemination and Implementation Research”.

We anticipate posted the archive before the end of the week, but invite you to continue discussing this topic on R2R.

  • Are you a researcher who is "new to D&I research"? What questions would you pose to Dr Ammerman and the R2R community? What did you glean from today's presentation?
  • Have you a "lesson learned" that you would like to share with new-er researchers?

Continue the discussion on R2R!




We had several questions for

We had several questions for Dr Ammerman regarding models and theories for dissemination research.  Dr Ammerman referenced this article by Rachel Tabak "Models in dissemination and implementation research: useful tools in public health services and systems research" in her presentation.