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Let's Discuss: Integrating Cancer Control into Chronic Disease Programs: What Works and Why?

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Do comprehensive cancer control programs benefit from integrating into broader chronic disease programs? Today's cyber-seminar grapples with this issue.

State public health agencies across the US are increasingly integrating activities across single-disease program lines. Comprehensive cancer control programs have in many cases benefited from the potential for efficient use of staff, funds, and surveillance and intervention efforts. Such integration however is not without barriers, challenges and constraints. 

We would like to hear from you.  What has been your experience? Do you have suggestions for other comprehensive cancer control programs grappling with integrating into the broader spectrum of programs? 


April’s webinar on

April’s webinar on comprehensive cancer control planning dovetails with some of the challenges we have seen when encouraging the development of national cancer control plans in the global arena. Similar to several of the points raised by Colorado’s representative, many nations may have chronic disease plans or programs, or may have no governmental or regional plan. A disconnect may also exist between different levels of government (national vs. state) and efforts can be duplicative if plans aren’t thoroughly worked through.

We at NCI recently offered an introductory webinar “National Cancer Control Planning and Implementation: The Basics” to share cancer control best practices with interested nations. NCI is interested in supporting the development and implementation of national cancer control plans because we believe that it is important to not only support cancer research but help insure that findings from research are put into practice.  NCI’s interest in supporting national cancer control planning efforts center focuses on helping countries incorporate evidence-based interventions, approaches and policies in their national cancer plans. By utilizing the findings from scientific research we believe that countries can develop, implement, and/or improve the quality of their cancer plans.

Check out the archive of our Cancer Control 101 webinar here: