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Let's Discuss: Moving to a Model of Wellness: Workplace Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion Programs

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Today's cyber-seminar reached me where I "sit" most - the workplace. 

Worksite wellness programs are drawing increasing attention for their promise in reducing the burden of cancer and improving the quality of life of cancer survivors.  Today's cyber-seminar examines two worksite wellness initiatives that have implemented effective and innovative policy, systems, and environmental changes.
We were delighted to welcome Peggy and Joanne and invite you to join the discussion as well!
Please let us know about worksite cancer prevention programs you are involved with!  What do you find to be key determinants in implementing successful programs?


Aloha, could you please

Aloha, could you please provide a list of the prevention you are using in the study, and when will the ACS be implementing the Health Links protocol?



Curt PAlmer