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Let's Discuss: Using Social and New Media to Engage Hard-to-Reach Audiences

Content on this page is provided for reference purposes only. It is no longer maintained and may now be outdated.

The east coast snow storm slowed down our connectivity (three out of five speakers were snowed in!) but provided an appropriate back drop for our discussion on using social and new media to engage hard-to-reach populations.

Haley Justice-Gardiner from the LIVESTRONG Foundation gave an overview of a viral outreach strategy launched to increase awareness and utilization of bilingual resources for Hispanic/Latino cancer survivors and their loved ones. Haley's insights on maximizing LIVESTRONG's existing Facebook and Twitter accounts to connect with bilingual Hispanic/Latinos affected by cancer.

In her presentation, Amy R. Allen from the Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center (MBRCC) shared how the Bonnie’s Bus mobile mammography program extended beyond traditional outreach modalities to create an adaptive digital media campaign.

Kevin Linn discussed how the Canadian Cancer Society used a lay-health promoter model in conjunction with social media, including a website, Facebook page, video clips, online news articles, and newsletters to facilitate health conversations with existing LBGTQ online groups and networks.

But we know there are lots of others doing great work in this area too and we would love to hear from you and have you share your experience and knowledge...ask a question of the speakers or your fellow R2R members. Let us know what new and social media tools you are using in your cancer control efforts. What lessons have you learned that others might benefit from?  

Join us in the discussion!


We did have one question come

We did have one question come in at the end of the presentation for all of the speakers. Sonya writes:

Any other measurement tools used besides Google Analytics as mentioned for the LiveStrong campaign?

Thanks again to Kevin, Amy, and Haley for such an engaging presentation! Please feel free to ask further questions of these wonderful presenters.


We use a variety of analytic

We use a variety of analytic tools to gauge our success with the Bonnie’s Bus, Appalachia Community Cancer Network and WV Mountains of Hope Facebook pages.  In addition to Facebook Insights, we monitor YouTube analytics for videos we may create/post, referrals to our respective websites (tracking source of those that access the page(s) when possible,) and anecdotal community input.   Also, given the population we want to reach, we’ve found our staff and/or partners located throughout the state invaluable in providing feedback about our pages.

To track traffic to

To track traffic to and utlilization of online tools, we used Google Analytics.  We also were able to track click-thrus to the website from the Facebook ad using Facebook's tracking tools.

Additionally, we used internal tracking tools to track intakes to LIVESTRONG navigation services and also requests for printed materials.  I hope this is helpful.