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Meet Up with Featured Partners Dr. Thomas Brandon & Dr. Vani Simmons

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We are very excited to be chosen as the Research to Reality featured partner this month!


As we discuss on our Q&A page, receiving a cancer diagnosis represents a time during which many smokers are motivated to quit smoking.  For cancer patients, there are several important benefits to quitting smoking, both in the short-term (reduced treatment complications, improved treatment efficacy) and long-term (lower risk of developing another primary cancer).  Given our previous success with reducing smoking relapse with a written self-help intervention, we sought to determine whether this approach could extend to cancer patients.  Based on our preliminary research with cancer patients, we elected to develop an accompanying educational DVD with information specifically for this population, such as the benefits of quitting smoking for cancer patients and how to cope with cancer-related pain and fatigue without smoking. 


  • Have you worked on smoking cessation with cancer patients or survivors? What was your experience?
  • What unique factors do you think need to be taken into account when working with cancer survivors and patients?