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RTIPs Meet-up with Dr Tom Denberg

Content on this page is provided for reference purposes only. It is no longer maintained and may now be outdated.

I was pleased when NCI reached out and expressed interest in featuring our intervention,  "Effect of a Mailed Brochure on Appointment Keeping for Screening Colonoscopy" on the R2R community of practice.

This was a low-intensity, low-cost effort to boost rates of adherence to screening colonoscopy after patients received primary care referrals.  Recognizing that patients often still have questions about the procedure, especially because primary care visits can be short and full of other agenda items, we felt a little more explanation about the nature, purpose, and value of screening colonoscopy could help patients overcome their potential reticence to schedule an exam.

I am interested in learning from you how this type of intervention could be used in a partnering arrangement -- perhaps whenever an ambulatory primary care provider (e.g. an FQHC) has a referring relationship to a independent endoscopy group, or whenever a public health entity or health plan has authorized and timely access to referral information.Partnering on initiatives like this is central to the concept of population health, where community organizations help to coordinate care with biomedical providers in order to address social determinants of health.

I look forward to your reflections.