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RTIPs Meet-up with Dr. Amit G. Singal

Content on this page is provided for reference purposes only. It is no longer maintained and may now be outdated.

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Amit G. Singal to R2R!

Dr. Singal's intervention, Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) and Colonoscopy Outreach, was recently added to the RTIPs repository.

This program is designed to increase colorectal cancer screening among racially diverse and socioeconomically disadvantaged adults aged 50 to 64 years. The intervention intends to encourage patients to participate in some form of CRC screening, either FIT (a FOBT) or colonoscopy. The intervention includes two components—FIT outreach and colonoscopy outreach. Implementers determine which of the two components to offer individual patients depending on patient needs and the practice environment. Both components are initiated with a one-page letter to patients eligible for CRC screening. The letters, which include basic information on CRC risk and an invitation to undergo CRC screening, are written at a low literacy level and are available in both English and Spanish. They were developed by experts in health communication and have undergone cognitive testing with English and Spanish speakers. The FIT outreach letter is sent with a FIT test kit, instructions on how to complete the test, and a return envelope with paid postage. The colonoscopy outreach letter includes a telephone number patients can call to schedule the procedure. After 2 weeks, outreach staff calls patients who do not respond to the mailing by either returning the FIT test or scheduling a colonoscopy. Outreach staff uses` telephone scripts, available in English and Spanish, to remind patients to participate in CRC screening. Multiple call attempts are made to non-responsive patients.

Dr. Singal offers his reflections about the Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) and Colonoscopy Outreach and invites your questions as well.