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Blueprint for Breakthroughs – Charting the Course for Precision Medicine

  • Event Summary

    Join us on September 13, 2017, as Friends of Cancer Research and Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc. host this year's 6th annual Blueprint for Breakthroughs forum! This year's Blueprint for Breakthroughs forum will convene multiple stakeholders across academia, government, industry, research and advocacy organizations, and other interested groups to discuss critical aspects for the future development of diagnostic tests. Register:

    Advancements in research continue to help identify and inform the use of biomarkers and genomics for therapeutic decision-making. These potential biomarkers and genomic markers are captured in diagnostic tools that have become increasingly important in selecting the most appropriate therapies for patients. This technology has become increasingly advanced, and diagnostic tools are not always binary indicators (e.g., EGFR positive or negative) of whether a drug would be effective or not in a patient. The use of these diagnostics often evolves at a rapid pace and it is necessary to ensure adaptive regulatory processes are in place. This meeting will help elucidate innovative regulatory pathways that can incorporate the rapid technological improvements in precision medicine and identify baseline considerations for analytical standardization. 

    The draft agenda for the meeting is included below. Register today!

    Draft Meeting Agenda

    8:00 AM - Registration and Breakfast

    8:30 AM - Welcome Remarks


    8:40 AM - Morning Keynote Address

    • Scott Gottlieb, Commissioner, U.S. FDA

    9:00 AM - Panel 1: An Adaptive Regulatory Framework for Development of Innovative Precision Medicine Tools

    10:00 AM - Panel Discussion

    10:50 AM - Break

    11:00 AM - Panel 2: Emerging Opportunities for the Advancement of Precision Medicine

    12:00 PM - Panel Discussion


    1:00 PM - Closing Remarks


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