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Native American Webinar Series: Cultural Sensitivity When Collecting Sensitive Data

  • Event Summary

    Moderator:  Jason Baldes, Director of Wind River Native Advocacy Center -

    Presenters:  Jennifer Kenyon, Senior Research Associate, CSRA's Health Determinants and Disparities Practice; and Dee Le Meau-Hein, MS, Behavioral Health & Recovery Administrator, Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Health Board - 

    Upon completion of this webinar, the participants will be able to accomplish the following from the specific tribal perspective:  

    1.  List three benefits of providing culturally and linguistic appropriate services.  

    2.  Identify and understand the holistic healing approach, cultural norms, customs, and protocols of the Great Plains tribes.  

    3.  Discuss effective strategies when working with the Native American population that can be shared with co-workers.  

    4.  Enhance the relationship between healthcare provider and patient by building a culturally competent workforce.


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