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Pragmatic Clinical Trials – Unique Opportunities for Disseminating, Implementing & Sustaining Evidence-Based Practices into Clinical Care

  • Event Details

    When: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 -

    8:00am to 4:30pm

    Where: National Institutes of Health Lister Hill Auditorium 8600 Rockville Pike NIH Building 38A Bethesda, MD 20894

    Event Summary

    This one-day Workshop will explore challenges and strategies for the dissemination, implementation and sustainability of pragmatic clinical trial findings. Pragmatic trials are distinct from more traditional clinical trials, as they are designed to assess the impact of interventions delivered in usual or real-world conditions. Moreover, performing pragmatic trials within fully integrated health care systems facilitates large-scale, efficient trials that leverage existing infrastructure to answer important clinical questions. Pragmatic clinical trials can also bridge the critical gap between clinical evidence, practice and policy in health care systems.
    The NIH Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory, initiated in 2012 by the NIH Common Fund, has launched a set of pragmatic clinical trials in partnership with several US health care systems. These trials have served as case studies for many issues related to pragmatic research, including strategies for designing trials in partnership with health care systems that plan for dissemination, implementation and sustainability of research findings. Such planning requires careful considerations for engaging all relevant stakeholders in the clinical research enterprise.
    The Workshop will include a series of moderated discussions about how to plan for and include dissemination and implementation strategies in pragmatic trials with the partnering health care systems. Each presentation will utilize case examples from the Collaboratory pragmatic trials and include some of their health care system collaborators to illustrate how dissemination and implementation strategies were addressed in the various settings. The Workshop aims to inform research funders and investigators on progress in NIH-funded pragmatic clinical trials, and discuss strategies for conducting future trials that can make a difference, and readily bridge the gap between evidence, practice and policy.
    • Describe the unique challenges and opportunities pragmatic clinical trials (PCTs) offer in dissemination, implementation and sustainability of trial findings
    • Provide strategies to address some of these challenges from ongoing PCTs and how to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in designing PCTs
    • Identify available and needed resources to assist stakeholders in planning future pragmatic studies
    We invite participants to submit questions or specific areas of concern during the registration process. We will attempt to address as many questions/areas of concern as possible during the workshop. Questions will also be welcomed by email during the workshop. Please send questions to the following address:

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