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A Community Where Cancer Control Researchers and Practitioners Discuss, Learn, and Collaborate.

Launched in 2011, Research to Reality (R2R) has been an online community designed to bring cancer control professionals together to help transform ideas into practice. Our nearly 3,000 members have connected and collaborated with other public health professionals to ask questions, discuss ideas and solutions, share useful resources and tools, and participate in cyber seminars and other events.

In 2018, we are transitioning to a different strategic focus on connecting researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to help transform ideas into practice. As part of that initiative, we have decided to retire the Research to Reality (R2R) community platform and transition its activities to other Implementation Science channels.

We thank our members, discussants, featured partners, learning community liaisons, and everyone who has participated in R2R over the years. Your contributions have helped advance cancer control research and practice, and we hope you will continue to carry your ideas and solutions forward to others.

We hope our members will continue to carry their ideas and solutions forward to others. As we work to wind down the site, you can still read discussion posts, learn about our Featured Partners, and engage via the following Learning Communities:

  • Healthcare Teams in Cancer Care Delivery
  • CCC-HPV Workshop
  • HPV Vaccine Uptake

We are grateful to everyone who has participated in R2R over the years, and hope to keep the conversation going through other channels. Please visit Cancer Control P.L.A.N.E.T. and Research-Tested Intervention Programs to stay connected to the cancer control community. We remain committed to this work and look forward to continuing our collaboration with you to turn research into reality. For more information, please contact Margaret Farrell at

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