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Learning Communities

The purpose of the Learning Communities is to help build the capacity of cancer control practitioners to effectively navigate the complex, "real world" context in which evidence-based decision making occurs.

We’re better together! Moving evidence-based programs into practice is challenging. But collaborating can help. R2R Learning Communities are groups where members with a shared purpose convene around common issues. Members interact regularly and learn from each other. These invitation-only groups create a ‘virtual meeting place’ for members with a shared purpose to convene around common issues related to implementation science and cancer control. NCI is delighted to build on the success of the Research to Reality Mentorship Program and develop and support learning communities interested in moving research into practice.


Healthcare Teams in Cancer Care Delivery Learning Community

The mission of the NCI Healthcare Teams in Cancer Care Delivery Learning Community is to advance the science and practice of effective teamwork and coordination within and across the multiple teams and individuals involved in caring for people with cancer. The community provides a hub for clinicians, researchers, and advocates interested in evidence-based healthcare delivery and interdisciplinary collaboration on research projects, manuscripts, data analysis, and meetings that advance the science and practice of effective teamwork and care coordination across the cancer continuum.

Population Health Assessment in Cancer Catchment Areas Grantee Learning Community

This Learning Community was launched to support the first NCI-funded "Population Health Assessment in Cancer Catchment Areas" administrative supplement initiative.

CCC-HPV Workshop Learning Community

This learning community supports state comprehensive cancer control coalitions that have participated in the HPV technical assistance workshop in May 2016.

CRC Screening Workgroup Learning Community

The CCCNP’s 80 by 2018 Workgroup is committed to helping CCC coalitions take advantage of the tremendous capacity and opportunity they have to increase colorectal cancer screening within their own communities by mobilizing community resources, bringing broad public attention to cancer issues, influencing media coverage, and successfully implementing collaborative efforts. By working together, we can make a difference.

Qualitative Research in Implementation Science (QUALRIS) Learning Community

Qualitative research methods are vitally important and widely employed in implementation science, most commonly as part of a mixed methods approach. However, inadequate attention has been given to the specific challenges inherent in the use of qualitative methods in implementation research, such as designing for and achieving qualitative methodologic rigor in implementation science. This lack of discussion poses a threat to the quality and utility of implementation research. The Qualitative Research in Implementation Science (QUALRIS) project has been established to address this issue.

My Own Health Report Learning Community

Members have participated in the My Own Health Report project funded by NCI, VA and AHRQ. These researchers are continuing to study the implementation of the MOHR project as well as related issues, such as contextual factors influencing outcomes, and intervention costs.

HPV Vaccine Learning Community

This Learning Community was launched to support participants in the NCI funded Cancer Center Supplement focused on increasing HPV vaccine uptake.

R2R Mentorship Program

Between September 2011 and February 2013, the NCI implemented a pilot mentorship program with 6 mentee-mentor pairs as part of Research to Reality (R2R). This pilot has concluded and is currently being evaluated. With the conclusion of this pilot, the mentees are no longer updating these posts with new monthly updates, but we encourage you to read through the mentee stories to learn more about each pair's project and engage in a discussion with the broader R2R community on these topics.

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