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Healthcare Teams in Cancer Care Delivery

The mission of the NCI Healthcare Teams in Cancer Care Delivery Learning Community is to advance the science and practice of effective teamwork and coordination within and across the multiple teams and individuals involved in caring for patients with cancer. Teams need to be dynamic, adaptive, and must share common goals in order to optimize their effectiveness. To this end the Healthcare Teams Learning Community aims to provide:
• The clinical oncology community and associated providers with the latest evidence and tools to promote team-based care, strategies to organize efficient healthcare teams, and methods evaluate teamwork processes and coordination between healthcare teams. The community also provides a space for providers to share their experiences and insights about building resilient teams in daily practice.
• Researchers with a space for making new connections, learning about funding opportunities, and collaborating to advance the scientific evidence examining team-based care models and teamwork processes in healthcare delivery, as well as their impact on care processes and outcomes that matter to patients and their loved ones.
• Cross-pollination across disciplines and perspectives. The community aims to support cancer care clinicians in optimizing care coordination by translating evidence-based team principles from other sectors of healthcare and to connect team researchers with cancer researchers and clinicians to learn about the complexities of team-based care and coordination in cancer care delivery. The community provides a venue for learning, sharing, and collaboration.

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