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About the Project:

Currently Idaho has the highest death rate from melanoma in the nation. The Comprehensive Cancer Alliance of Idaho (CCAI) states its skin cancer early detection and diagnosis goals as (1) increasing the utilization of evidence based skin cancer screening and diagnosis and (2) reducing the rate of skin cancer/melanoma deaths among Idahoans. Charlene plans to implement a sustainable skin cancer education and screening program in western Idaho to increase awareness of skin cancer in the region as well as decrease access barriers to skin cancer screenings.  As much of Idaho is considered rural and frontier, a targeted skin cancer education and screening program is necessary in order to meet the unique needs of those individuals living in rural communities. The proposed intervention will include making community connections with local healthcare providers, developing educational materials for community distribution, and developing, implementing and evaluating a skin cancer screening program in Western Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

Charlene Cariou, BS, CHES (Mentee)

Charlene Cariou

St. Lukes Mountain State Tumor Institute

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Prioritized EBPH Compencies:

Charlene plans to improve upon her program development, community engagement and partnership, and cultural competency skills. Developing a skin cancer education and screening program will foster the development of skills in all of these focus areas, specifically program development and community engagement.

Hope has extensive experience in collaborating with rural partners to develop and deliver evidence-based public health interventions that address regional cancer health disparities. She will work with Charlene to take the knowledge of partnerships, cultural competency and evidence-based program planning that Charlene has gained in school and guide her as she applies it to the real-world practice setting.

The Mentor/Mentee Pairs

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