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About the Project:

Body and Soul is an evidence-based program focused on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption among African American audiences using faith-based channels for dissemination.  Over the next 18 months, Kim will adapt the program to reach a more diverse audience among houses of worship in Central New Jersey.  The adaption will include the traditional components of the program with enhanced initiatives around physical activity. 

Strategies to be employed include: 1) the development of a training program regarding nutrition and physical activity to aide in the development of a community ambassador network; 2) the provision of technical assistance regarding the development of an on-site physical activity program by exercise science faculty at a local university; and 3) the delivery of seasonal produce directly to houses of workshop to reduce barriers and increase access to fresh vegetables and fruit.  Outcomes to be measured will include receptivity of the program among these diverse houses of worship, successful implementation of the program, the identification of lessons learned (i.e. ease of implementation from partners point-of-view via key informant interviews with organizational leadership.

Prioritized EBPH Competencies:

Kim has identified three core competencies to focus on within this project: analytic/assessment skills; policy development/program planning skills; and advocacy and communication skills. 

Project support will be provided by Evelyn, who currently directs a regional program which includes the dissemination of the Body and Soul program including a statewide dissemination in Pennsylvania.  As a Master Trainer for the program since 2006 she brings both a wealth of knowledge and experience about Body and Soul and strong training and mentorship skills to this partnership.

The Mentor/Mentee Pairs

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