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About the Project:

To implement evidence-based interventions that seek to change systems and policies of insurance providers to increase colorectal cancer screenings

In Montana, Lisa will be working with guidance and input from Gene to systematically implement system-based changes in non-medical settings primarily with insurance providers.  These changes will identify eligible members for cancer screening and increase the proportion of the insured population who are up-to-date with screening following national guidelines. Lisa will be establishing partnerships with healthcare providers to promote and increase the utilization of cancer screening and diagnostic services.

Gene will be providing expertise on program planning, system implementation, and evaluation methods. He will provide assistance in adopting evidence based planning processes, developing a logic model and establishing an effective evaluation plan and provide guidance on best practices.

Lisa Troyer (Mentee)

Lisa Troyer

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services Cancer Control Programs,

Montana Cancer Control Coalition

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Eugene Lengerich, VMD, MS (Mentor)

Engene Lengerich

Pennsylvania State University,

Hershey Cancer Institute

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Prioritized EBPH Competencies:

During this project, Lisa is looking to further enhance and develop my analytical and assessment skills as well as increasing partnership, collaboration and community engagement skills.

The Mentor/Mentee Pairs

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