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Learning Communities

Wow! I can’t believe that this will be my last story post with the Research to Reality Mentorship Program. The past year has gone by so quick and I am so appreciative of all of those who have read and participated in discussions. The mentorship program has provided me with a wealth of information and opportunity. A big thank you to all members of the R2R, with a super big thank you to my mentor Hope for putting up with all my crazy questions for the past year!

With this last post, I wanted to discuss what happens next… what happens when the funding for a program ends? What happens when the leadership in a partner organization changes? What happens when the program staff changes? How do you ensure sustainability and long term success? Public health is always evolving and change is constant, but I believe it is important to maintain some form of commitment and continuity with our community partners. What has been your experience with this type of change and are you able to prepare for it? This is an especially relevant question as I have recently changed roles within my organization and am no longer working as a Community Cancer Educator. I am very lucky in that I have left the programs I initiated and community partnerships formed in very capable hands and I am confident that PoolCool and other programs will continue and expand for years to come.

Thanks again for sharing this great experience with me over the past year!