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Let's Discuss: Implementation and Implications: The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Cancer Control

We have a record-breaking number of registrants for this afternoon's cyber-seminar, so we are opening the dicussion a little early to give you an opportunity ot ask questions of our speakers and share your perspectives with the speakers and the rest of the R2R community.

We are most fortunate this afternoon to have welcomed Carter and Jennifer and appreciate their expertise and perspectives.  As their presentations indicate, the major provisions of the ACA and Medicaid changes have major implications for cancer control practice and research.

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RTIPS Meet Up: Let's talk about ASPIRE!

When teenagers start smoking, it's more than a phase in their life. It rapidly escalates into an addiction. Tobacco companies spend millions of dollars on ads luring children and young adults to start smoking, and every day nearly 5,000 Americans under the age of 18 smoke their first cigarette.  The ASPIRE program not only can prevent students from initiating smoking but also help those who have started smoking quit, particularly because smokers don't have to identify themselves in front of their classmates.

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My R2R Mentorship Experience

With the R2R mentorship program coming to a close, this final story synthesizes my experiences resulting from the program.

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Public Health is Evolving!

Reviewing my involvement in the R2R mentorship program, I can say with great certainty that my skill set, not only in cancer prevention and control, but in public health has expanded considerably. Implementing a project from start to finish, from research to reality, has been a valuable learning experience. I have learned about evidenced based interventions, logic models, HEDIS measures, partnership building and much more. I have experienced both setbacks and successes.

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Long Term Sustainability – How do you ensure success?

Earlier this month I spoke on the November R2R Cyber seminar "The Adaptaion Effect: Engaging Community Partners to Adapt and Implement Evidence-based Interventions" (Click here to watch the archived presentation). I specifically highlighted the partnerships formed and adaptation processes I employed during the planning and implementation of the Pool Cool program in rural Idaho.

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Many thanks moving forward

We’re starting to come to the end of the formal mentorship program through NCI’s Research to Reality program, although I’m wrapping things up a little early as I’m about to go on maternity leave with my first child. It’s an exciting time in my life personally, however professionally, this year has been wonderful and the Research to Reality Mentorship Program has really helped me to achieve some ambitious work goals and grow as a public health professional.

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Survey results Are Coming In!

This past month I started a project with a statewide insurance benefits provider that I have partnered with in the past to mail postcard reminders regarding their cancer screening benefits. If you look over my July post, you’ll see some additional information about the project I had proposed. In a nutshell, the final project included two groups; Group A would receive 1 postcard and a survey asking if they remembered receiving the postcard and if they took action to schedule a colorectal cancer screening.

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It’s October! What are your experiences implementing breast cancer programs?

Throughout the past 13 months, I have talking in my story posts about various successes, challenges, thoughts and experiences with adapting the Con Amor Aprendemos/With Love We Learn program within a new population and a new setting with the intention to increase awareness and screening of cervical cancer. Since it is October aka.

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Montana's Story of Success

This month, I am proud to announce that the Montana Cancer Control Programs has been showcased in the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Stories of Success August 2012 publication for our work increasing the number of Montanans that get a colorectal cancer screening. More specifically, a piece of the project I’ve been working on within the R2R program, working with insurance companies and small employer association health plans is showcased.

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Building Organizational and Individual Capacity in Cancer Control

As the first 12 months of our mentorship program are nearing and some of our projects are coming to a close, I have found myself reflecting on both project outcomes and personal outcomes as a result of R2R. We have been privy to wonderful trainings and resources to help us in our journey in addition to a variety of resources and guidance from our mentors so I began to take inventory of how this mentorship process has impacted my daily work in community capacity building.