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Measures and Reporting Meeting Follow Up

Content on this page is provided for reference purposes only. It is no longer maintained and may now be outdated.

On October 23-24, the National Institutes of Health, in collaboration with the Veterans Affairs Administration and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, hosted a consensus working meeting to outline key areas for reporting and assessment to enhance the value of research for dissemination and implementation. Meeting participants included twenty-three researchers, practitioners, funders, and decision makers from the U.S. and Canada.  The meeting was co-chaired by Drs. Ross Brownson (Wash U, St. Louis), Chris Carpenter (Wash U, St. Louis), and Borsika Rabin (University of Colorado, Denver).

The major objectives of the meeting were 1) develop consensus for a working framework outlining key aspects of research reporting that would enhance the value of research by end users; 2) develop consensus on a set of reporting guidelines for dissemination and implementation research that are aligned with the framework; and 3) identify key resources needed for measures development and assessment in D&I.

Over the course of the meeting, there was lively debate and consensus building on the need to reach a broad audience, expanding beyond D&I researchers to include a focus on those whose work has D&I implications, and to enhance the value of research more generally through improved reporting and use of assessment tools.

A product matrix was also developed, articulating a set of short-, medium-, and long-term products that will evolve from the meeting. These products include a set of papers as well as web tools to serve as an interactive community and clearinghouse for existing and future assessment tools in D&I. For each product, participants identified a working group and key lead to move the process/product forward.

At an upcoming IS Webinar on November 26, we will be summarizing key findings from the meeting. We hope you will join us, and we welcome your input and feedback as we move forward with these efforts. Hope to see you there!


We were delighted to have so

We were delighted to have so many of you join us for last week's IS webinar following up on the NIH D&I Working Meeting on Measures and Reporting. The archive has gone live and can be viewed below:

We look forward to continuing the conversation!

In follow up to the

In follow up to the significant meeting discussed by Gila and the subsequent webinar, we hosted an internal NCI Implementation Science Forum to encourage discussions of D&I research across the institute. This February Dr. Borsika Rabin from the University of Colorado was our featured speaker.   An internal event held at NCI several times each year, the IS Forum welcomes invited speakers to share their research and promote discussions around dissemination and implementation within our organization. Our goal with these efforts is to promote D&I research and practice throughout the institute and hopefully spark interest in finding ways to incorporate D&I methods into the agency’s current work.

Dr. Rabin’s presentation, titled Measurement for Dissemination and Implementation Science and Practice: What Do We Know, Where Should We Go, provided an overview of measurement issues and discussed opportunities to improve measurement practices in dissemination and implementation research. Dr. Rabin discussed existing efforts to improve measurement practices as well as recommendations for future measurement related needs for the field. She also touched on the criteria for D&I relevant measurement and how measurement issues in D&I are relevant to other areas of research.

Her presentation further expanded on the work from the 6th NIH Meeting on Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health: A working meeting on Standardized Reporting and Measures Development. For more information on this working meeting, please watch the archived November Advanced Topics in Implementation Science webinar, linked above.

FYI, the archives are posted

FYI, the archives are posted for a nice synthesis of the D&I/KT measurement issues conference hosted by our colleagues at NIDRR. They can be found here: