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Story Posts on R2R

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cohort discussion: 


Somehow this didn't take the

Somehow this didn't take the first time so let's try take two. Sorry about that.  We want you to write on whatever if most relevant to you and your professional development and think are important lessons to share with the R2R community, however, should you really get stuck on what to write, here are some suggestions of potential topics or ideas for your monthly story posts...

  • How is (or historically has) your organization incorporating evidence-based strategies into their programs and projects?
  • What should the role of practice-based research be in public health?  How is your project contributing to the practice-based evidence pool?
  • Challenges and benefits of community engagement and partnership
  • Evaluation -- what are your evaluation strategies?  tips and tools for others? how has evaluation informed this (or other) projects? etc.
  • Using social media and communication tools -- what's worked and what hasnt?  when to use? etc.
  • Link your project and work to conferences/meetings you have attended and the reflections and implications of things you have learned on your professional development and project.
  • Share a case studyor another intervention/program that has influenced your work or project.
  • Policy -- how does policy (big P or small p Policy) influence your project? what are the challenges in addressing policy issues? etc.
  • Link faciliatators and barriers to things going on in current events and the real-world implications -- we do not conduct programs in a perfect world so what events in the world are impacting your projects and programs?
  • Generally, the challenges and benefits to doing EBPH

This is just a starting point...add to this list with other ideas or share suggestions you might have with the other mentees.  Read each other's stories and get inspired.  Above all, as with the first story, make it you own and what you want to share with the community and think they could learn from your experience.   And then make sure to engage with the community (and promote your stories!)!