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Coming to Consensus - A D&I Measures and Methods Initiative

Exciting advances have been made in the field of dissemination and implementation (D&I).  However, like the research to reality gap, there is a lack of coordination among those in the field to comprehensively and consistently use common practical, robust, and feasible measures and methods, and little effort to develop consensus around their operation. Creative and cutting edge D&I approaches and measures have been developed by research teams around the globe, but little dialogue is occurring across groups on these issues. Consequently, progress of the D&I field has been slowed and it is currently difficult to compare results across studies.  Better-coordinated efforts and opportunities for sharing and having a dialogue around D&I measures and methods have great potential for positive scientific impact.

The Cancer Research Network Cancer Communication Research Center at Kaiser Permanente Colorado and the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Division of Cancer Control & Population Sciences have worked together to create an initiative that engages you and a diverse, international community of practitioners and researchers to create a growing and evolving resource for standardized, vetted D&I measures and methods that can lead to comparable datasets and facilitate collaboration and comparison across disciplines and regions.

This web and social media activity makes available a wide variety of different measures and methods for key D&I topics and allows you to identify, share, comment on and rate different measures of various D&I concepts such as adoption, organizational readiness, implementation, reach, program costs, sustainability, etc.

By this point, you are probably asking yourself “How I can get involved?”.  It’s easy!

  • For D&I Methods: Review the D&I methods tables (Table 1 Complete Listing (PDF); Methods Table 2 -Examples (PDF))  and provide your feedback and thoughts here.  Share your experiences.
  • For D&I Measures/Constructs:  Visit the D&I GEM Workspace and review, comment on, and rate existing D&I measures and constructs, and add additional ones.

What are your thoughts on this process of building consensus on harmonized measures/constructs and methods?  How do you think we can best advance the field?  What are your thoughts/experiences with the D&I methods? how have you used them in your work? Do you have any case studies/examples or methods to add to the table (or ones you don’t think belong there)?

I look forward to the conversation and to learning together.

Learn more about the initiative:

My initial reaction on "measuring" context is the challenge of Heisenberg Uncertainty -- that is, once you try to measure it, it no longer exists in the way it did before.  So, while I too feel that context is critically important, I fear attempts to measure it since by their very nature, each context is unique and "complex," which is why it is so important. 

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