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Dave Buller, PhD, MA


Research DirectorSenior ScientistKlein Buendel


David is an expert in health communication, conducting research sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since 1979. David was previously a Professor at the University of Arizona, a Senior Scientist at AMC Cancer Research Center, and the Harold Simmons Senior Scientist for Health Communication and Vice President of The Cooper Institute - Denver.Many of David's current projects are centered on educating targeted groups about relatively small changes they can make in their lives that can save them from years of chronic illnesses. Avoiding extreme sun exposure, developing healthier eating habits, and avoiding cigarette smoke are the focus of some of David's most recent and successful programs. His Sunny Days Healthy Ways program has been recognized as a national resource for complying with the CDC and American Cancer Society's recommendations for skin cancer education.