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Deborah Bauer, MPH, RN, CHES


Partnerships and Dissemination Coordinator,Guide to Community Preventive Services, CDC(Carter Consulting, Inc.)


Deborah R. Bauer (Carter Consulting, Inc.) is partnerships & dissemination coordinator for The Guide to Community Preventive Services, a role that focuses on optimizing relationships with Liaisons to the Community Preventive Services Task Force (Task Force) and other Community Guide stakeholders, as well as dissemination of Task Force recommendations. Before joining the Community Guide, Ms. Bauer served as coordinator of the CDC Healthier Worksite Initiative. In addition to health communications, her interests include worksite health promotion, having implemented programs at various sizes of public and private sector worksites, and cancer prevention, having served as the statewide professional education consultant for the Georgia Department of Human Resources Breast and Cervical Cancer Program.