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Kym Cravatt, MPH, CHES


Director of Cancer Programs,Cherokee Nation Health Services


Kym Cravatt currently serves as the Director of the Cherokee Nation Cancer Programs, a position she has held since March 2004. Ms. Cravatt is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, receiving a Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Public Health (MPH), and where she previously worked as a Research Assistant.  In 2002, Ms. Cravatt served as a fellow in the Native Cancer Control Researchers Program at the Oregon Health Sciences University.  In 2005, Ms. Cravatt was named to the State-wide Advisory Committee for the Treatment and Prevention of Breast and Cervical Cancer.  With over a decade of experience working tribal communities, Ms. Cravatt has contributed to numerous peer-reviewed publications and national presentations.  Ms. Cravatt is a certified health education specialist (CHES) and is currently a candidate to earn a Juris Doctorate in May 2012.In 1990, the Cherokee Nation became one of six tribes to praticipate in tribal self-governance and in 1994 began delivering healthcare services tailored to fit its language, culture and geography.  After 20 years, the Cherokee Nation currenty provides healthcare of a population of 130,000 at eight tribal clinics and one tribal hospital within the 14-county jurisdiction in northeastern Oklahoma.  With funding from the CDC, the Cherokee Comprehensive Cancer Control (CNCCC) program has sought to:Research and implement evidence based strategies and best practices that will reduce the cancer mortality rate of the American Indians who reside in the Cherokee Nation,Develop, maintain, evaluate and renew programs, resources, and interventions that will assure the Nation's capacity to diminish the cancer burden,Expand the knowledge base in medical, clinical, hospital and community settings regarding cancer issues among Cherokee Nation citizens in order to promote prevention, decrease mortality, and increase quality of life for Cherokee people.