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Pamela McMahon, PhD


Associate Director, MGH Institute for Technology AssessmentAssistant Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical SchoolContact PI for CISNET Lung Cancer Group


Dr. McMahon received a BS with distinction in biology (neurobiology and behavior) from Cornell University and a PhD in health policy (decision science) from Harvard University. She was the recipient of training grants from the National Library of Medicine and the National Cancer Institute (Program in Cancer Outcomes Research Training, at the ITA and a Howard Temin Pathway to Independence [K99-R00] Award).Dr. McMahon previously worked in biomedical research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Genetics Institute (later Wyeth), where she was a Scientist in Discovery Research. In 1998, she joined the ITA, where her work has focused on informing decisions about the appropriate use of imaging strategies for the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases.Her research has most recently encompassed evaluations of lung and breast cancer screening and treatments for prostate cancer, as well as cost and statistical analyses. Dr. McMahon is an outcomes researcher with expertise in the use of simulation modeling to integrate disparate data to inform policies for cancer control.